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We love the environment too...

A clear message to everybody, 




Balloons are a unique much-loved product and are considered irreplaceable in what they offer. Over the last few years, the industry has recognised the impact arising from irresponsible use of balloons, which has also led to changes in consumer viewpoints and perceptions. In addition, the increasing use of social media platforms and faster technology has enabled better reporting of these impacts.

For both the love of the environment and to ensure we maintain our core mission statement “To educate and promote the fun use of balloons and party products safely, ethically and in respect of the environment”, EBPC has embarked on a program of educating consumers through it's global 'Best Practice' program, delivered through our member network to ensure balloons are not released intentionally.

In addition to this educational efforts, we have introduced a voluntary symbol on our members packaging with one clear message - 'Don't let go' - which can be understood across all nations and borders.

The EBPC does not support balloon releases, as we wish to protect the environment from unnecessary litter.


One world, one environment, one love.

You can download our official statement below.

What's happening in the environment?

Notwithstanding the fact that we cannot say for sure how many animals are affected by balloon releases, we are aware that inflated balloons that make their way back to earth or water are a potential threat for wildlife.

In recent years, unfortunately, we have found evidence of misleading claims and repeated instances of the same photograph, or pictures that have been doctored and used for bad publicity of balloons, which we condemn.

We are unsure of the accurate impact of balloons in the environment however, let us reiterate:


 Our industry loves the environment and wishes no harm to any form of life!

Ask us

We are an evidence based organisation and only work with facts. If you would like more information about anything on our website, please get in touch with us.

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